Help: How to DA-1 for Basel Stadt

Hello guys,
Need your help here with DA-1 in Basel stadt software.
I have filled out the data like below, but know sure it’s correct. Any help will be very welcome and even a beer if you are around Basel :wink:

Dividends receive in USD = 1’089.44
Withholding Tax in IB in USD = 163.42

  • Income foreign currency (divends - withholding taxes) = 926.02 USD

  • DA-1 not reclaimable in CHF = ??? what shall I put here the withholding tax taken by IBKR?
    Shall I click Title in the depor tin CH?

This should be gross income, i.e., USD 1089.44

Yes, the 15% US WHT is not reclaimable and needs to be declared here.

No, that’s for Swiss brokers. Uncheck that for securities held at IBKR.

At least in some cantons the gross income and withholding amount are filled out automatically from the ICTax database. I don’t know whether the Basel Stadt tax software supports that properly or not.

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Thanks a lot @jay !
how then they calculate how much money I am elegible to get back?

You will get a tax credit for the ‘DA-1 not reclaimable’, assuming your Swiss tax rate is high enough.

So I will get back

26.25 CHF? hahaha

I’m not familiar with that screen but my guess is that the CHF 26.25 is Swiss Verrechnungssteuer (from bank accounts or Swiss stocks/bonds/funds) that you get back in addition to the CHF 167 from DA-1.

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