Hello from InvestingHero.ch :)

Hello everyone :wave:

Long time reader of this great forum and first time poster.

Like many since discovering the topic of FIRE I’ve read plenty, and found out about mistakes I’ve made in the past (e.g. Pilar 3A life insurance!) and learnt many humbling lessons from them.

I’ve also learnt about the importance of developing a ‘side hustle’ to support future wealth building, and for things such as personal development in order to keep learning new things.

With that in mind, I decided to create an investing blog to share my knowledge. It covers some of the basics, reviews roboadvisor platforms in Switzerland, and other useful guides for people new to investing.

For those that are interested, you can visit it here.

A short note regarding affiliates. I know it’s a touchy topic with trusting blogs with a conflict of interest.

While the blog uses some affiliate links to cover costs, I’m only interested in producing genuine content which adds value to users. That’s first and foremost. If a platform or service I’ve used doesn’t have an affiliate program, I’ll still review it – like I’ve done with VIAC.

The platform reviews (e.g. Selma Finance, TrueWealth etc) can take upwards of 20hrs to create, regardless of a kickback from the provider.

In fact, the most traffic goes to pages with no affililate links whatsover, such as the monster guides and investing basics.

I’m in this for the long term, to build something which will add value to users – even if that means foregoing some short term profits.

And if the platform or service sucks, I’ll make that clear too.

I’m still in the early stages of building up the blog and there is plenty more to come, but I’d welcome any feedback and comments you have.

Thanks for reading!

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Hey, welcome, you’ve got a well-designed and interesting blog, and I love your absolutely awesome forum avatar picture.

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Ha thanks! You still firmly hold the top avatar throne though :+1:t3:

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I don’t mind ref links at all, if it’s something that people genuinely recommend (i.e. not spamming something for profit, even if they now better alternatives).

Would be nice if this forum would create sticky posts with the common services (i.e. Revolut, IB, …) where people could post their reflinks… So we can randomly profit as a community.

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The blog looks really good. I subscribed.

Wish you all the best with that project.

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Thanks for the feedback - Agree, I like this idea!

Thats great - thanks a lot! I am thinking max once per week for the emailer, with some interesting reads and links I’ve come across that week. Open to other suggestions :slight_smile:

Hi @investinghero , nice to meet you. I’ve known Mustachian Post for a while now but only started getting active to live the mustachian way recently. I read from this post that you learned your mistakes (i.e. Life insurance 3a). I find myself in your situation with a 3a life insurance. Have you managed to handle it? If so, I would be glad to hear your story or any advice you have?
I would like to get rid of the life insurance and look at a product such as viac or frankly. What have you done?


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Hi @belouga13, sorry for the delay in my reply.

Regarding the Life Insurance woven into my old P3a, I cancelled it and have moved on. I wrote about it on my blog, I don’t want to drop links here and be spammy, but you’ll find more details under the ‘How to optimize your budget to generate 250k’ post I wrote.

I took a hit financially for breaking the contract, but long term it was the smartest thing to do.

I’m sure you’ve read the other threads here on ‘sunken cost fallacy’… luckily I didn’t fall into that trap :slight_smile:

I now have my P3A with a mix of low cost alternatives that are in my control, VIAC, Frankly, bank etc.

How about you?