Health insurance with partner contract to German statutory health insurance (GKV)

Hello everyone,

I still have a German supplementary dental insurance that I can continue in Switzerland. The prerequisite for this is that my health insurance company in Switzerland has a partner contract with a German GKV (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung, similar to Grundversicherung in CH). Does anyone know of a health insurance with a partner contract to a GKV or can give me any other tips on how I can continue the supplementary dental insurance?

Many thanks in advance.

Have you contacted any insurance companies?

This is just the first three that came to mind when googling. Seems like all of them have experience with cross-border workers. Even if you are not one, I might just make sense to contact some of them and ask about your specific situation.

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Thanks for your input. Indeed I am not a cross border worker and live in Switzerland only but your point is valid that these insurances might have experience with German health insurance companies. Thanks.