Have you ever successfully returned your amazon purchases to their Slovakia address?

If you bought stuff from Amazon DE, and they’ve asked you to pay and return it to their Slovakia address… did you ever succeed in doing so? We tried a few times and always got the delivery declined by the recipient, triggering an arduous process with amazon to actually get a refund.

What has been your experience and why do they ask to return someplace where they refuse the shipment anyway?

It works really well using one of the DHL points. But it needs to be handled by people, Amazon was not showing up on the ones with a locker.

So you pay DHL instead of the post office to send your returns and then it works properly?

Or are you talking about the prepaid stickers they sometimes give for returns which are always with DHL?

Did you properly declare it as returned merchandise for customs - or does Amazon have a process to do so?

Switzerland is of course outside of the EU customs union and VAT area, so generally speaking, if you just send a package with merchandise to someone in the EU, customs will ask the recipient to charge VAT/duties.

Yes, you can’t send anything outside of CH without a signed CN22: the post office labeling system won’t let you buy a sticker without that info. It has green stickers “no tax due” from both the SK and CH customs by the time it comes back.

We tried to do so once, with Swiss Post. We are warned at the counter that they see lots of failed returns, but Amazon customer service was insistent, so we tried. Sure enough, it failed and came back. Amazon then let us keep the (broken) product.

That’s usually what happens. But I guess there were too many failed returns on my account and now they’re being obnoxious about it.

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Prepaid, Amazon gives your the labels

Not always. I haven’t figured out how they decide between prepaid dhl labels, send and pay yourself , or keep the item. Sometime they ask for a 5 eur item back which costs 20.- to send back (and which they cover), other times they say just keep it and it’s a 30.- item. And two identical items in two orders, one will get a prepaid dhl and one will be send and pay yourself…