Has anyone tried Carvolution?

Has anyone tried Carvolution?
+winter tyres
Seems like a pretty decent deal

When you put the numbers together, although yes many things are included, it probably isn’t (money-wise).
Unless you really want a brand new car (I am not sure if you do get a brand new one with them) - then it might get close to when you sort everything out yourself.

Although this frontpage (Seat Ibiza example) calculation does look tempting, I must admit.
Probably when you start playing with mileage, insurance deductibles etc., you get the “real” price.

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Did a simulation with the car I’m picking up next week and my use case (ca. 800 km/week).

In 36 months I’m going to pay more than the car price. Sure, insurance, plates & tires are included but still…

Maybe trying with a fuel propelled car might deliver more interesting results (considering higher service costs) ?

Anyway, no free lunch in this world… :wink:

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It’s interesting because it displays the real cost of a car. Happy to have a GA and no car :slight_smile:
But it doesn’t seem cheaper than a leasing with a downpayment.


Wow are you getting a Tesla? I am very excited and happy for you. I am sure it must be so much fun driving it.

It is nice to have a GA. But once you add another person or a family in, it may be cheaper with a car.

I am still driving around a 15 year old car at the moment. Am shopping around for a second hand Japanese car or perhaps go with Carvolution. Still very much undecided.

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