Has anyone had problem receiving IBKR Client Portal Price Alerts via Email?

I have created a ticket with IBKR since a week and it’s still not solved, so I wonder if anyone else had this problem.

I only use the Client Portal and never the TWS.
The only type of price alerts I need to receive via EMAIL is when the price of a stock reaches a pre-defined price I have input myself. It has worked since the inception of my account but I am not receiving them any more since a week, even plenty of price levels I have set have been touched.

I have browsed everything under Notification setting but don’t see anything wrong

anyone? I wasted another hour with IBKR support on phone with the problem unsolved. Instead of trying to fix my setting, he thinks it may be due to Gmail blocking IBKR Emails, which I think is highly unlikely, considering so many people use Gmail

I don’t use price alerts but have no trouble receiving “IB Trading Assistant” emails. However, I recently got a notification of fund information by regular mail with a note that they couldn’t deliver the notification by email. It’s not Gmail but I also don’t think the issue is on my side. Maybe IBKR has issues sending emails in certain circumstances. I’ve changed the email address in IBKR settings but don’t know whether that will fix the issue.

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Thanks for your feedback.
I changed my Email and as I expected. nothing has changed. still the same problem.
I feel disgusted now that IBKR can’t fix such a basic issue and waste customers’ hours and hours of time. I just asked them if there is a button to reset everything to default setting I can even set price alerts on Free websites. I am just a bit lazy to re-input them manually and also the price data are generally delayed

I checked under notification setting, I can’t activate the last one, is it the same for you?

and under Delivery option, half of the time it’s empty even I just input my Email address there
and the other half of the time my Gmail address is shown there.but since 2 weeks I don’t receive Price Alerts at all.