Happy new year!

Happy new year 2022 to everybody!

Hopefully 2022 will be better than the previous two years.

My resolution is unchanged: reach financial independence so I can be in control of my life and not any of my employers or (not always freely chosen) managers. I wish the same to all of you.


Happy new year to you (and to everyone in this formum) too!

I guess that you mean the pandemic? I’m sure it will be the last difficult winter.
In respect with investment performance, it will be difficult to be better than the last two years :slight_smile:


Wishing y’all wisdom and success in 2022. :slight_smile:

And here’s to all the good managers in the world, may them outcompete the crazy/blind ones and get them out of the management business. I’ll try do to my part. May you reach a position where financial independence doesn’t become so dire a necessity. I can relate.


Happy new year to everyone of you too :champagne:

My resolutions haven’t changed either, reach FI asap in order to be more independent of this crazy world.

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Yes, that’s exactly the spirit. With financial independence I can make the world a better place in two ways.

First, if I get assigned a manager who does not treat me well, I can instantly demand to get another manager with a credible threat to leave, which puts more pressure on companies to recruit good managers and prevent incompetent ones from ever managing people.

Second, I will be able to shield the people I manage from bad upper management with more self confidence and energy.


It’s not only the managers fault, actually many people become managers even though they have absolutely no wish to manage people but it’s basically the only way to get into higher corporate ranks and salary bands. Many companies have specialist and management career tracks but in most of them it exists only on paper, but it’s almost impossible for specialists to get into higher ranks so they become managers at least for some time because once you get the title they can’t demote you anymore and with the title you’re automatically in some rank and salary band. Quite a common trick. Currently, also many women get pushed into management positions even though they don’t want to. Then the companies can publish some nice shiny diversity and inclusion reports :wink:

Well, happy new year :slight_smile:

Happy new year to you too, Patron!

I didn’t mean to start any political discussion. All I meant to say is that, if covid taught us anything, it is that we need to treat each other well and show humanity to each other, no matter what skills we have. It’s also what the conductor said today in the new year’s concert 2022.


Happy new year everybody! :partying_face:


A bit late but I‘m in Mexico so technically behind. Happy new year! May we hopefully return to somewhat regular meetups.


i’m even later, eventhough i did not leave Switzerland… :slight_smile:

happy new year everyone :partying_face: :partying_face:


Happy New Year to all of you! :house_with_garden: Build a resilient, sustainable and successful 2022! :wink:

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