Grocery Home Delivery

Aldi’s delivery service Aldi-now is now serving whole Switzerland.
Delivery fees

  • CHF 9.90 beim Einkauf ab CHF 50.00
  • CHF 7.90 beim Einkauf ab CHF 80.00
  • CHF 4.90 beim Einkauf ab CHF 100.00

As far as I could see, they mostly offer the same products as in store with a slight tilt towards Swiss produce.
Any experiences?


They don’t deliver where I live apparently

That’s a bit exaggerated, here’s the list of PLZ they deliver to, that’s only the northeast part of CH.

They also don’t deliver to my place.


They don’t deliver to my PLZ either. I’m definitly interested though.

I use Farmy for deliveries. Produce is good and delivery windows are ok even for people with long work hours. Now that I’ve moved to Lucerne they don’t deliver for free anymore unless I shop for > 120 CHF, which is unfortunate. I mostly get it back by using vouchers which they give out regularly and then stock up on cleaning or baby supplies.

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Not a bad idea but this seems to be terribly expensive. 9.90 CHF on 50 CHF is a 19% surcharge which seems a bit crazy.


A (lazy) friend of mine uses a service where people come and collect his items for recycling (paper, PET, aluminum, etc) and take it to the respective facilities.

Maybe there’s an independent shopping and delivery service with a better price-to-service ratio?

We had Coop deliver groceries during the first Covid lockdown, but we always took advantage of some special offer or voucher and never paid for the delivery.


heymigrolino is more limited and products are probably more expensive, however, they have lower delivery costs and deliver within 60 minutes.

  • Free delivery for orders from CHF 80
  • CHF 5.80 delivery for orders from CHF 50

Small orders get expensive, though:

  • CHF 9.80 delivery for orders from CHF 30
  • CHF 14.80 delivery for orders from CHF 20

It probably doesn’t make sense for regular grocery shopping but may occasionally be useful.

I’m just outside of Zurich and also not covered, pity because it could come in handy occasionally.