Graphics cards... without paying scalping prices!

My graphics card croaked at one of the worst times … Luckily I have a CPU with integrated graphics so it’s not as bad as it could be I guess. On several english and german (Germany) speaking forums I found that people simply wait for graphics cards to come available at half decent prices (for example Newegg Shuffle). They put their names down and wait. I haven’t found a site that offers similar things in Switzerland. Do you guys know of any?

I’m not really interested to pay twice the MSRP for a card or pay double or triple what I paid for my 2060 one and a half years ago.

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I’d suggest you wait a couple of months… some say that in March or so electronics supply frenzy will be over one time and for all.
While nobody knows when it well be, many people agree that the amount of supply that is being produced atm can not be absorbed by the market

My tip is to wait until Q1/Q2 2022 if you are not in a hurry.

By then ETH 2.0 will most likely be launched, meaning a lot of used graphics cards currently mining Etherum will flood the market, as they switch to proof of stake. Prices will come down significantly, once a whole bunch of miners will unload their GPUs all at once, as mining will most likely not be profitable anymore. I’d buy a used RTX 30xx series card with one or two years of warranty left. GPU mining generally does not hurt the cards, you might only have to replace thermal pads or a fan, but that should be covered by warranty.

If you can’t wait, then buy from, as they generally do not try to rip you off as much as Digitec and others try to do. I’m not aware of any retailers taking waiting lists or shuffles, especially not after Digitec messed up their pre-ordering of RTX 30xx cards so much.

If you really can’t wait, I would buy an older card with less than 8GB VRAM, as they are generally not that usefull for mining (e.g. 1060 6GB, RX 580 4GB). Still overpriced though.

I can offer you a 970 for 450 CHF :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, I’m not in sure critical situation but my graphic card is now 6 years old (and I didn’t bought the most expensive/recent one at the time), still I can play most of the games I want in playable to good conditions, especially that I play mostly older games that get dirt cheap in discount or bundle.
But still I want to upgrade at some point and then follow with CPU (and thus motherboard). CPU and motherboard looks ok to get, AMD 5600G (I prefer to be cautious and take the one with integrated graphics in case I end up like you with a broken GPU) are on stock with normal price and even if I want to save a little AMD 3600 second hand could do the deal as well.
So I start with GPU and put several alert on One month ago I got an alert triggered, a RTX 3070Ti for 707frs on Orderflow but not on stock of course. I ordered within a couple of hours knowing that I would have to wait to get it but then I call the shop and they told me the distributor will get some part in the Europe warehouse the same week. But of course they didn’t get one for me. Then each week more or less they told me there will be more coming next week or later in the week and still nothing. It’s now more than a month.

In a way I’m not in a hurry and ok to wait to get it at that price (the price went back up to 870frs or more right after I ordered). But the more frustrating is that you have absolutely no idea how many people are in line before you, how many are dispatched each week/month and even if it’s really sent first in first out (I would guess not, if some shop are willing to pay more, I’m sure somehow they can manage to get the stock in priority). I have placed an alert on Toppreise if any shop, whatever price it is, get a short term stock but so far nothing. It would at least indicate that some pieces of this GPU are being dispatched.

I tried to search online information about supply and demand and estimation of the waiting time (without any price priority or other cheating in the background), but so far I found nothing interesting. But the guy working in shops have some kind of view of the distributor delivery batch. I’m sure there might be some insight willing to give more information. If anyone know someone that have these information I would really appreciate.

In your case I recommand to do the same, place alert on toppreise for some reference you might want. Check also from time to time if new reference show up, if might be easier to get new reference before the waiting list start growing too much. And if you like, try also so alert on Anibis, Tutti and Ricardo, so far I haven’t seen anything at decent price, anything 3000 series goes for way more than 700frs, even 2000 series are often reaching 1000frs in auction. I friend told me he got some GTX 980Ti around 400frs (for mining… shame on him I said) but even these are going for much more now.

So be patient and I hope, we should find something eventually.

Good luck. I’ve got my 3080 for 699.- CHF from Steg when I’ve ordered within 5min after the release. Took them 2 months to deliver regardless. If money wasn’t the issue the best way to get a 3080 or similiar right now is to buy a complete computer. Reading that a AMD 5600 would be an upgrade for you it seems you might want to upgrade all the components in one go.

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lucky you, Digitec screwed customers big time in first taking pre-orders, then telling people to wait for fullfillment while they were selling other cards at higher prices, and ultimately cancelling the pre-orders.


A friend of mine got a Asus Strix for 749 or so from Digitec, but he waited almost 6 months for it.

Got a 3080 TUF for 1099 (which I ordered for 799 lol) and later a 3090 TUF for 2299.

I got a 3070 for 629.- from digitec on release date and got it delivered on the very next day :smiley:


I saw beginning of the year a 3070 at 540frs (not in stock), at the time I hesitate too long and it was increased the day after and never come back to this price. I was thinking that the situation would improve within the year and I was not in a hurry, also I had not enough in my budget for a full upgrade (GPU, CPU, motherboard).
Now I will wait for the GPU and as soon as I get it I might try how it works with my CPU but it looks like my i5 6600 will not follow. So I must plan already about the CPU and thus the motherboard upgrade. The rest is still at the top (for what I need), even the power supply should be OK according to my calculation (I still have 100W margin and I don’t plan to overclock).

I was also waiting for a GPU price to decrease but with the last Apple event, I changed my mind.

I will buy a new Macpro with an M1 max/pro or wait on the next Apple chip generation.
With the last benchmarks of the new MBP, I think it’s the end of x86 and GPUs.

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You’d probably get a big performance upgrade just changing the motherboard and processor. Your CPU will probably bottleneck any new graphics card.

Why do you want to do it all in one?

For gaming I don’t thing the CPU upgrade alone will bring any significant improvement. I have played and finish Cyberpunk at 1440p on my 6 year old setup so it’s not preventing me to play the vast majority of games, I just want to improve the quality when playing and maybe play some more demanding VR games like Half Life Alyx (I didn’t bought it to try if it would run but I read it’s quite demanding and in VR you would really not have your FPS dropping for even a fee ms, otherwise I can assure you that you don’t last long).

Buy a console and wait the time get better for graphic cards?

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