Google Finance (Google Spreadsheet): Data is not available for an increasing number of ETFs. So where else can I get the data from?

So I check my stock portfolio using a Google spreadsheet (with the ‘googlefinance’ function). This worked pretty well for quite some time until about a year ago when googlefinance (or rather the Google Finance website from which googlefinance takes its data) started not to show quite a few of the ETFs I own. This got worse and worse, and now 35% of my ETFs are no longer shown (for example, just last week Google Finance stopped showing the iShares Swiss Dividend ETF, CHDVD). That’s quite annoying, as many of them are not that small either… So, my question: Has anyone experienced the same and found a reliable solution with Google Spreadsheet (I’m not interested in another form, as I also work directly with the data there), i.e. one that has worked for a longer period of time? I am thinking of getting the data (I literally only need the price) from other websites with an importxml function or something. Any recommendations/experience?

Check Yahoo Finance, should be relatively easy to get their data into Google Sheets. Otherwise Morningstar has many funds as well.

Alternatively, download the spreadsheet and use the Financials Extension with LibreOffice

e.g. using Yahoo Finance, has historic and realtime data.

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This was my original idea. But somehow with my limited knowledge I can’t manage to get the data from Yahoo and Morningstar. For example, to get the price with the importxml function of this here Yahooist Teil der Yahoo Markenfamilie and this here CHDVD – iShares Swiss Dividend ETF (CH) – ETF Stock Quote | Morningstar, do you know the Xpaths I have to enter in the google sheet formula? I haven’t managed to find it out (I know how to do it from other websites, but Yahoo doesn’t work…).

Thanks, I might have a look at it. Although I definitely prefer google spreadsheet (for a few reasons).

I’m not using google sheets, but I’m sure that you’ll easily find a solution on Google

I noticed the same. I use the following formula to pull from

=INDEX(IMPORTXML("","//span[@class='push-data ']"), 1, 1)

Just find the ETF you need on the website and update the URL.


Thank you. It seems that these websites have changed and all the old descriptions do not work anymore. But I’ll check @Dago’s solution.

Thank you very much! This actually works, except that some ETFs I have on are in CHF and not in USD/EUR. But this can be adjusted by multiplying it with the exchange rate.