Goodbye Bonviva Platinum

I have a Bonviva Platinum at CS : until now we still got 0.4% interest (before it was even higher), but this will end on 01.01.2021, and the 0.4% will be replaced by 0.01%. At least it’s not negative (yet), but still quite a change. Time to move my emergency savings account somewhere else I guess… :slight_smile:

(on the right the message received via the CS app).

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What are the fees of CS for this kind of account ? 5, 10 15 per month ?

80 CHF per month.

So basically, you hold 250’000 CHF at 0.4% at CS Bonviva Platinum savings account and get 1000 CHF, but you paid 960 CHF fees for the package.

Profit 40 CHF or effective interest rate 0.016%


It’s a good deal my friend, trust me :upside_down_face:


Well, yeah for 40 CHF I wouldn’t do it either. Besides, I would never keep 250’000 CHF in cash on a bank account. But if there is for some reason a need to do it, you can do it like that without paying negative interests.

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I was sarcastic, sorry if it wasn’t crystal clear :sweat_smile:

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why not using the csx? except if you need to withdraw (you pay 2 chf to cash out when you need cash), the rest is so smooth and you don’t pay anything

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Was there any point to that super expensive bank account, unless you really fly a lot?


Glad I cut my ties to CS almost 10 years ago (although I only had Bonviva Silver).
The sooner you move, the better.

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Bundles are rarely the best deal. Just compare and find the best-value savings account, credit card, and checking account:

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Thanks for your feedbacks, yes of course it is not advisable to keep 250k in a savings account, I also have not written it was the case here :slight_smile:

In the past when we could still fly the Priority Pass was quite useful, but today, well… And the “points” for the bonviva rewards were also not bad with this contract (sometime equivalent to 1-1.5% of your spendings), but the situation changed a lot on the market over the years with new cashback cards & co, so yes, if you still have Bonviva, it’s definitely the time to check your options.

Yes, but it provides some convenience. Actually, I’m thinking about getting a package again (not a Platinum) rather than having 4-5 lines of banking and finance apps on the phone, several cards in my pocket and multiple accounts everywhere and everything separate. It makes things quite complicated a bit annoying. With a package you have everything in one bank, app, even all your Credit Card transactions, etc. much simpler. But yes it’s more expensive. Haven’t decided yet (3a & SQ would still be separate though).

I always said that simplicity is better than over optimization…

Personnaly, I’ve recently switched from BCV to Raiffeisen Shareholder accounts. As my girlfriend was already there, now we both have:

  • A private checking account (used for 3a, investment, gift, donation) [no debit card]
  • A private saving account [no card]
  • A joint account (for salary, lease, insurance, groceries, restaurant, lunch, etc.) [two cards, one for her, one for me]

And we both have a neon account that we use as a “credit card” for online payment (when Twint isn’t available) and foreign purchases.

Simple, efficient.

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