Going to swisscom prepaid & swisscom pay & work expense

Dear all

my work gives me the possibility to expense up to 80 chf per month for mobile - and since I sometime work from my parents house in the mountain, the only option there is Swisscom network. I used to fly back in the US before the pandemic etc so I was going with the recommendd one from my company, the “inOne mobile go”

Now that we are mostly doing home office…I was looking into way to better optimize the setup.

  • switch to prepaid, and I load 80 chf of credit per month → this is the bill I use to expense it with my work. Use Swisscard Cashback card to load up credit (->small, almost negligible cashback)
  • pay any package I need only when I need it for work (incl like the 24 hours 5G etc or EU packages etc). But since I’m traveling or working outside home/office rarely, I think I will not reach 80 chf per months in packages. The credit should start cumulating
  • Use Swisscom Pay to start paying for bills. It is possible to use it with prepaid credit. Things such as Netflix, Google Play Store (I buy books there), etc.

I have a couple of questions now:

  • did anybody ever used Swisscom Pay? Is it an hassle or works ok?
  • does anybody know if I can use Amex Cashback cards to load up the credit, or only the mastercard with the ridicoulouly low cashback?
  • One thing I’m heistant is that for most packages there is an upload limit of 10 Mbps on the mobile connection. A couple of time per year I may have to do a Teams call on tethering and sending my videofeed (desktop/webcam). 10 Mbps seems to little to be sure. But I saw a 5G package, but is impossible to find information on the bandwidth. Maybe somebody know if I purchase the 5g/24 hr package do I get an higher upload bandwidth? Or is 10 Mbps good enough?



PS: I know it sounds unethical, but the company gave us 480 chf to buy IT stuff for home office (monitor mouse etc), but then is not really paying for internet (because they says I could do hotspot with my 80 chf mobile connection, which is kind of ok, but fiber optic is definitely better). So I fel this compensate for me using a better connection to work than hotspot.

10 Mbps should be enough as long as you’re not using a 4K Webcam and/or doing other upload in the background for a single video conference call.

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If it works with your employer I would do it. I was in a similar situation some time ago and unfortunately my employer did not reimburse prepaid credits they wanted effective costs such as a subscription or at least a cost overview of what was used. Also, they did not allow using it for paying anything else than mobile / internet. Vending machines etc. were explicitly not allowed. Now my mobile bill goes directly to the company so I don’t even see it but still, we are not allowed to use it for Swisscom Pay or vending machines etc. I never tried and I’m not sure if they would notice it but I guess if they discover it, it wouldn’t be very pleasant to explain.


Thanks, i know I could do it and will not be checked, but effectively I’m breaking the trust they give us. Need to think about it.

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