Giving a 20,000 CHF loan to my mother


My mother needs to borrow from me 20,000 CHF for 1 year, without a contract and without interest.

If I do a bank transfer to her, and then after a year she does a bank transfer to me, are the Swiss tax authorities going to tax either of us?

I am wondering if the Swiss tax authorities will consider such bank transfer a “gift”, or not, and apply a gift tax. Anyone has done anything similar in the past?

If it’s a loan, why would it be a gift, just mark it as loan in your tax declaration?

Edit: just the without interest might be a problem, I don’t know if there’s a minimum interest rate to not be considered a gift, but then the value is so small nobody would care (1% of 20k over one year).

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You mean in the assets, where I declare my bank accounts and stocks I should simply add a manual entry “loan to my mom”. If I don’t declare it at all will there be a problem?

I guess depends on your/your relative’s wealth. If this looks like unexplained income, they might ask questions.

I have declared personal loans (in the high four-digit or low five-digit figures) before and no questions were asked.


zinsloses Darlehen is no problem/common

declare as such in both Steuererklärungen, under the Wertschriftenverzeichnis or there’s often an entry (depends on canton) just for it - “Zinslose Forderungen”

recommendation - make a one-line-contract that you both sign, that’s sooo minimum effort and you may all be glad that you have that. it doesn’t mean there is not enough trust, it’s simple good practice.