Give away a Selma referral worth 100 CHF

I have received today the following email from Selma:

Give away 100 CHF as a present to a new Selma investor!

Bonus code: XXX

Share this code with one friend of your choice! Be aware that this code can only be used one time. For your friend to profit from these 100 CHF, the code has to be used to open an investment account until the November 14th, 2022. However, your friend has time to fund the account until the end of 2022. The bonus will be paid out in 4 steps within one year on the new Selma investment account .

I am myself not investing with Selma anymore as I have switched to IB. However, I thought someone around here may prefer to use a robot-advisor. Let me know in DM if you want to benefit from the offer.