Gifts for spouse

How much do you guys spend on birthday gifts for your spouse?

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Depends, usually around 100 CHF but also around that for christmas.

Varies a lot. We usually talk about what we would like to get or would make us happy and then try to match each other so that it’s fair (from a CHF prespective).

From 50 to 100 most of the times (+similar amount for Christmas)

What’s your spouse worth to you?

Hold on a sec, I’d have to calculate the cleaning lady & babysitting costs (don’t forget AHV & insurance, can use the info from that other thread about childcare costs) & I’ll get back to you.

topic on point… I’m about to spend 4.5k on a gift for her birthday… :scream:

she’s fan of luxury bag (had already a bunch, “for investment” she said but she’ll never short them I know…), is expecting it for her 40th birthday, + birth gift + thanks for the awesome job of birthing+breathfeeding two kids while still working 100% and supporting my presence. It will make a big dent in my NW, but I hope it will be worth it…


Instead of a bunch of flowers or hand bag or vacuum cleaner or whatever, invite her to a romantic week end together.
You’ll both enjoy it.
If it is too expensive, go for a romantic evening (restaurant when they will open again), or even theatre or opera !

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