German Shopping Cooperative (Zurich)

Hey Mustachians,

I’m looking for people from Zurich (Zug & Luzern) area who’d like to drive with me to Germany once a month for shopping and split the gas cost (and optimally switch cars every trip).

Anyone interested?

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PS. Ping @Julianek, @Bojack

Nice Idea!
If you don’t have a car you can go to Jestetten by train btw.

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I normally go to Lidl/Aldi in Laufenburg or Weil am Rhein (when I’m collecting people from Basel airport), but I’m generally open to alternatives. :slight_smile:

Same, I am interested but I do not have a car. Regarding transportation, if we share costs going by car should be much cheaper than train.

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It’s fine. We can go with my car. I just hoped there will be somebody’s else car to exploit as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d also be interested to go once at least. i am not the big-buyer (especially i buy few meat) but just to check it out and hang out with the zurich-crew of mustachians i’d join :wink:

i dont have a car, but mobility or even europcar (ETH special tariff) would be available through me. any estimate what’s the cost of going by private car ?
the mobility calculator gives the following rsults for 100km (2x50 for zurich-jestetten) and 5 hours (just a wild guess)
comib: CHF 95
minivan: CHF 115
divided by 4-5 is some 20-30 CHF pp, to be saved on a € 300 purchase… hmmmm i will never ever buy stuff for more than CHF 60 at a time^^

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Welcome in the club @nugget.

In my case the cost would be:

  • Laufenburg Lidl
    2 * 56 km * (8L/100km) * 1.69 CHF = 15 CHF (15/3 = 5 CHF per person)
  • Jestetten Lidl
    2 * 35 km * * (8L/100km) * 1.69 CHF = 9.5 CHF (9.5/3 = 3.16 CHF per person)

[ both ways * distance * my average burning (without aircondition) * cost of gas ]

Average burning is according to my own experience, but reports in the Internet says the same. I have a Skoda Octavia Kombi II 1.8 TSI 160KM 118kW.

Ok, let’s figure out when we can have the first round:

  • July 21st
  • July 28th
  • August 4th
  • August 11th
  • August 18th
  • August 25th

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Sorry to rain on your parade, but I’ll add my two cents about shopping abroad.
I did a couple of times in my early years in Switzerland. Lousy times these were.

There’s something uniquely luxurious in being able to do your weekly shopping in 30 minutes in a familiar, well organized Migros, not having to wait more than 2 minutes in queue, and not overspending because “I bought more since I’ve already done the commute”. This is especially valid for you people with kids. Such a huge waste of time and so little return.

I’ve even grown to appreciate limited choice (1-2 articles per type) in Swiss supermarkets. It only makes my shopping more efficient!

You spend 400 CHF/month on groceries already. How much can you realistically save?

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Well, even if I save 20 chf, it’s also opportunity to meet Mustachians and socialize, so it’s not a problem for me. I’d suspect though I’ll save more if we’ll start doing it regularly and split costs.

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I’d rather just socialize without wasting time in traffic and lines. You guys wont be the only ones doing the Saturday chore …

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There are no traffic and lines. At least that’s my experience and I’m already doing it for a year every two months. If it made me miserable, I wouldn’t ask people to join me. I’m not crazy.


I see the point of @glina on this. I’ve been to Singen (that’s probably the best place to go from Zurich). Sure, it is cheaper there, but you’re wasting so much time. Also, I find it that the things that sell at the biggest premium in Switzerland are the things that spoil the fastest: fruit, meat. You can’t stack up on these things. Plus, you’re already shopping in Lidl, so the difference is even smaller than it would be for me.

Then you guys can join us for the fun of spending time with us. :grin:

If we combine that with a beer drinking session then I could even be convinced that it’s indeed in purpose of saving money.
P.S. I’m not driving :slight_smile:

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Ok, @Julianek, @nugget, according to the poll the first term that works for all of us is August 18th. Where and at what time should I collect you in Zurich? Can you guys figure out one place that won’t be far from the high way ring?

MP sent. Let’s figure out the details in private :slight_smile:

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So we did the trip today and it was fun. We plan another one in November if anyone is interested.

Yep it was good. For those interested I will soon upload a description of german prices vs swiss prices :smiley:

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Let me know when you go to german IKEA with a rented truck. Just compared some prices and finally ordered in switzerland. :roll_eyes: