Geographic distribution of S&P500

More than once, we discussed how many foreign components a certain country index, e.g. SMI or S&P500, would contain. This is difficult to establish.

There is now an article on Morninstar Schweiz analysing the source of revenues for S&P500 companies. The result is contained in a graphic that I do not want to post here to not get (us) into copyright trouble.

The results are:
62.3% USA
7.5% China
3.6% Japan
2.9% Germany
2.8% U.K.
1.9% France
1.7% Canada
1.6% India
1.4% Brasil
1.0% Mexico
1.0% Russia
1.0% South Korea

(Europe = 14%)

The data is here, but the articles vanish usually after a certain time (save it if you find it interesting):


Cool. So to sum up, by investing in S&P500, you get 38% of international exposure, including 7.5% dependence on sales in China!

I was expecting a bit more of international exposure, but wouldn’t expect that China would have as much. US GDP is something like 20% of World GDP, and adjusted for PPP it is even less.