Geneva tax decleration looks wrong

Hi guys, i’m doing the mustachian thing and finally doing my Geneva tax return myself - late i know but i have until the end of the month and it’s better than paying a shed load of money for someone to type in the numbers.

I do have a problem though - i’ve used the Geneva tax authority software and everything seems fine except it has made a massive deduction in the ‘part proportionelle du revenu non imposable’ amounting to taking 80% out of the amount which they could tax resulting in an amount of cantonal tax that i would love to be paying but just looks wrong.

The only thing that’s drastically changed is that my wife has had no income of any sort this year as she’s been retraining so our income has gone down a bit from the previous year but it’s still relatively high.

I can’t see what i’ve done to make an obvious error with a fat finger on a number or misunderstanding something.

Does anyone have any ideas? Shoud i just go down to the tax office?

Thanks for any suggestions