Geneva quasi resident status - Anyone doing it?

As frontaliers working in Geneva are probably aware, from this year it is not possible to claim back tax against 3a contributions or childcare if you have G permit and do impot a la source. It was in previous years.

From now on, if you wish to make deductions then you need to attain “quasi resident” status and fill in what seems to be a full tax return. Everything I read on this tells me that there are no guarantees that your tax bill would be lower and it would obviously be a load of work to submit a tax return as I used to when I was a resident.

My assumption is that this means there is now no point paying into a 3a.

I wonder if anyone has become quasi resident? And if so if they can shed any light on how to make the decision?

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The best option would be to use Getax to estimate your taxes if filing a tax return.

If you end up paying more → it stops here
If you end up paying less → does it worth the time filing the tax return and collecting the paper ?

Alternatively, you could use a tax advisor. It should cost max CHF 400 (including the tax simulation and the calculation of the 90% treshold)

The answer is not generic that someone can tell you yes or no, it depends on your salary and on your deductions.
As you know there are 2 taxes to pay ICC (cantonal and communal tax) and IFD (Federal tax).

As a Impot a la source you only pay ICC, therefore doing a quasi resident declaration adds the IFD.
Though now as a quasi resident you can deduct the 3pillar deduction which more or less could counter the IFD.
The difference could actually rely on the deductions. Your import a la source are calculated on some “supposed numbers” which Geneva canton provides each year.
You can see that they deduct 5738 of Health Insurance Premium, while myself I actually pay around 4000 per year therefor on the permit B I was having higher deductions than my real one.
Also you might want to do a full declaration in cases such as 2pillar buyback or request your US taxed dividend back.

Just do a simulation by doing a complete declaration, and see the difference with your impot a la source

PS: I’ve created a Geneva Tax Calculator Excel if you want to PM me.
It doesn’t add anything more, but it shows you a difference between your impot a la source and full declaration.
Perhaps it might have unknown bugs, but it was fun to do it in order to learn everything about deductions and how ICC and IFD are calculated.

Is that a Geneva/border commuters thing? I don’t think that’s how it works elsewhere (you only pay to the Canton but it includes federal taxes)

That is not correct. Tax at source includes communal, cantonal and federal.

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ah I see my mistake! sorry for the bs!
Don’t know where I’ve read that time ago, and it made sense back then as my difference between my impot a la source and full tax declaration is of 4k (3pillar excluded from both).

I always claimed back tax using e-demarche website but this year I also need to apply for a Taxation Obligatoire Ultérieure (TOU).
I try to simulate the result on GeTax software but got block at the first step as you need a “Numéro de contribuable” and a “Code déclaration” that I didn’t receive.

It will be the first time for me to fill it.
As I understand the online explanation, you need to first submit the paper form “Formulaire DRIS/TOU - Demande de taxation ordinaire ultérieure” with you info before March 31st.
The TOU registration will take up to 2 to 4 weeks.
Then you will receive back an explanation letter and a declaration form to fill in the next 30 days.

If I understand correctly if I submit it mid-March, I will be register from mid-April for the TOU and then got until mid-May to submit it with GetTax.

You can get your taxpayer number from old correspondence received from the Geneva tax authorities.

The “Code déclaration” will be visible in the 2021 Geneva tax return you will receive once the TOU registration is finalised. In the meantime, you can input a fake number in Getax to complete the forms and get an estimation of your taxes.

If you use “e-demarche”, the 2021 tax return may be available on the platform too (give a call to the administration for confirmation).

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In which direction? Is it a better deal for you to be under impot a la source or full tax?

I started to fill GeTax to submit a full declaration but I am still amazed by the fact that you cannot add more than 20 documents.
I have already 7 pdf for the various 3rd pillar for the family, health insurance documents, the dividends.

Do you merge your pdf in order to send all the documents?
Which tool/app do you use?

I’m using

The free version is more than enough for my needs (merge and compress).