Generate income from renting out my car

I wonder if any one has experience with this or have considered it but opted out for some reason. From a brief research, I found is a platform that offers this possibility, but I have no experience of it on either side (rent or rent out). I love to know a bit experience or opinions. Thanks!


Ifyou speak french or dare to translate, you could ask a feedback on his experience

For the rental side, you could checkout this topic

I’ve checked on Geneva for beginner of December but there were not that many offer and it was +30% to +50% as classic rental agency such as Enterprise at the airport.

I used Sharoo when it existed. Worked pretty well and I made ~300 CHF/month profit with basically no effort besides trying to keep the car tidy (a win-win IMO). The car would otherwise sit still 95% of the days in a year. I wanted to start again with gomore since they also offer an automatic way of unlocking the car, but I was too busy to bring the car to the garage to install the device.

If you do start with gomore, please report back on how it goes.

I used 2EM to rent out my car. I had a fairly old minivan, so it wasn’t the highest-demand vehicle. But it brought in about CHF 200-300 per month. Later on, my sister and I rented out our shared vehicle on Gomore, and did up to CHF 500 per month (it was a small, economical car, so demand was higher). Because these were old cars bought for a few thousand, we weren’t particularly concerned about them.

I know someone who keeps his old cars and rents them out on these platforms, instead of selling them. It works out much more profitable for him in the long run.

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