Generali 3rd pilar

Dear all,

I have a 3rd pilar insurance at General (Scala). I want to change the “investment plan”. Does any of you have done it in the past ? any recommendation ?

I was thinking to go for the “Global Equity Selection 100” or the “Best selection 40” as described here in numbers 212 and 218.

I have a guaranteed 2% return and still 29 years (!) on it. This is a leftover of my previous life, before meeting Mr Money Mustache.

Thank you,

H Barth, I would go for the highest share of equities and the lowest TER possible. That is usually a passive fonds. Your candidates have TERs of above 1%, that is too high in my opinion and will drag down your returns over the long term. Raiffeisen and Postfinance offer 3a pillar funds with considerably lower TERs.

Hi Samuck,
Thank you for your reply and I agree with what you say. It is unfortunately an insurance and I can’t switch to another third pilar without losing an important part of what has already been put in. As a consequence I am bound to choose amongst the plans that are “allowed” by Generali. Or am I missing something ?

Hey Dago,
since i don’t know where you are with your insurance, you should come up with an excel sheet to calculate everything. first, go ask your insurence about the details of your insurance premium, and second, on the Rückkaufswert (buy back value). then consider this and this thread.

PMmed you a template excel calculator, as this is not made for public :slight_smile:

If you have this option (you have to check on your insurance contract and/or talk with them…) it might be worth it to simply stop paying the premium and leave what you’ve paid until now there where it sits… this is what I’ve done last year with my 3a insurance (which was with Vaudoise).
Then open a new 3a by a bank of your choice.

@nugget Thank you for your pointers to other threads and for your PM.

@weirded I have to check, this would indeed be good.

What is sure is that I am dropping all the insurance aspects of it (this is possible I checked).