Future pension calculator

Has anyone tried this:

I haven’t tried it yet (busy) and wonder if you can simulate the pension at 50 or less.

I’ll try!

I’m always happy to be told that I’ll get some money! :money_mouth_face: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :wink:


Ok I will not do it. Seems like you can’t do it as often as you like, just for fun. I’ll save this for when I might need it.

They say that:

Is there any charge for pension forecasts for the old-age pension?

Pension forecasts for an old-age pension are generally free of charge. However, a fee of up to 300 francs will be charged if

  • the applicant is under 40, or
  • the applicant requests multiple forecasts within a five-year period.The fee is waived if there is a special reason for requesting a forecast (for example, separation, divorce, marriage, birth of a child, loss of job, becom- ing self-employed).

Hmm having just crossed 40, I think I will go for it. Will report back if I go through it. Probably worthwhile to add a calendar entry to request a forecast every 5 years!


I wonder if it’s just better than the free letter you can request + the online tool with the table.

I actually wonder if there is an offline version of that table tool so that I can play around with it. At the moment I just put 4000chf as yearly income for the last 10-20 years.

I tried it out, about 5 years ago.
Mine is maybe a bit simple, in that no children, marriage and/or divorces are involved, these factors can indeed make it difficult to calculate by yourself.
I got a long list with all my AHV Beiträge since I started working, and which years I have a Lücke/gap.
If I remember correctly, it then assumed I would earn a similar salary until 65 and calculated the Pension at 65.
Thing is, with a salary above an average of 80k annually from 21 to 65 (44y), simply gives one the maximum pension.
The big effect will be “missing” years, for the full pension you must have contributed 44y.
Paying contributions on an average of 80k salary annually from 35 to 65 (30y, typical expat that stays long-term), gives one the maximum pension x 30/44 (i e. 66%!).

The 80k is today’s terms it’s adjusted with time AFAIK.

→ unless you marry, have 2 children, take some years off work to look after the children, divorce, etc the caclulation is not very complicated.
→ unless you habe many years’ contributions from an under-80k salary, the Max will usually apply, multiplied by years worked / 44.

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