Funding Coinbase Account

I’ve recently decided to get my foot into crypto. I’ve opened a coinbase account and trough their “learn and earn” program I actually managed to earn 30 USD of various cryptos. So far, though, I’ve been unable to fund my account with Euros.

I tried using my Revolut and neon credit cards but both were rejected. Also SEPA transfers from Revolut any my old German Commerzbank account get rejected. I could use my Swisscard Cashback credit card but that has horrible currency conversion fees. So, how can I fund my coinbase account without having to loose fees in the process?

What do you mean by that? Does Revolut block the outgoing transfer actively? I personally use Binance for my Crypto gambling portfolio (much lower fees than Coinbase), SEPA transfers from Revolut work great there (arrives within 5 mins).

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It seems so, yes. The transaction is immediately reverted once I try to send some Euros. I’ve done a bit of research and I’m not alone with this one. It does seem that Revolut actively blocks coinbase (I guess to boost their own crypto offering which has horrible fees).

If Binance works for you I might consider that as an alternative. How much are the fees compared to coinbase?

I’ve seen the same for transfers from Revolut to which is probably ok since it’s a shady exchange.

All the money I sent arrived at Coinbase. No direct fees when exchanging EUR to BTC but I assume the exchange rate has some minor difference. I got 0.062743 BTC at a rate of 15938.01 EUR on Dec 15 12:00.

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It’s a good idea but I’d wait a few years after the current boom.

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Many friends had issues with revolut, it seems they are rejecting all transfers to crypto exchanges. You should be able to do a sepa wire transfer with coinbase or pick another exchange.

Also, if you end up using coinbase, go to coinbase pro (literally 1-click) to get better fees.

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