Fun market timing game

Hi there dear community,
i came across this really fun market timing game… since many of us on this Forum have tried to time the market in corona times, I found this quick game super interesting for the psyche.

Have a good evening


You BEAT the market!

  • You just played the market from July 9, 2002 through June 26, 2012
  • Your investment grew to $19,065 while the buy & hold strategy netted $17,700
  • You BEAT the market by $1,365
  • Annualized, the market grew 5.9% per year while your investment grew 6.7% per year, so you beat the market by 0.75% per year


Wish it was slower and a bigger chart.

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You can slow it down. Button appears when you start.

Yes, but it’s only one step and it remains still quite fast…
(The news headline part also doesn’t seem to work.)

The tool shows you that predicting the market is not the same as beating it.
Since the market generally appreciates, being out of the market is very costly. Having a slight edge, some predictive accuracy is not enough to make up for the foregone gains (and having more than a slight edge seems incredibly unrealistic for most people).
And the game doesn’t even account for any fees/costs involved in trading.

No no, multiple steps - just press it again and again! Don’t you know / play computer games? :wink:

I didn’t remember correctly. I can actually slow it down 3 times, but it’s still really fast.

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