Frugal parking - Where to park?

Dear all,

I remember in the UK there was a website called “parkatmyhouse” which I used to use for cheap parking nearby to airports back in the early 2010’s and you would park on someones drive way etc.

Apart from the Genève aéroport official parking website, does anyone have any suggestions for cheap/frugal options for parking for the weekend?

Many thanks

In France, You could park in Ferney behind the Carrefour City market then take the bus 66 to the airport.
In Swiss, You could also try to park near the Nash Airport/Ibis alley.

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Go to Anibis or Tutti and search for “parkplatz am Flughafen Zürich” or “parking aéroport Genève” or similar. The private offers can be quite competitive. An even cheaper option is to make a friend who lives near the airport and has parking space to spare.

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For a few years there was the Parku App, but it was discontinued some time ago.
(I looked a few times, simply too expensive for the hassle of having a guaranteed parking spot a few 100m).

Now there’s which looks like the next contender. Online since mid-2021 and it certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to be a high-flyer.
IMO still too expensive & much too few offerings.
I predict it will go off-line in 3 years.

I don’t understand why they don’t make good deals to hook people and then increase the price later.
Also people only look in once or twice, if the offer is mediocre, people will not be back.
Silicon Valley shows how it’s done and many Swiss companies will just not get this.
Or they “get the money” from some mobility fund to develop something and thereafter aren’t even interested in its success.

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Thank you for everyones contributions. I have some pistes to explore.