Frugal/Minimalist Dating in Switzerland?

Sorry for the random question, but do you guys have any tips or ideas on how to meet frugal/minimalist women? Most women I meet seem to lead rather consumerist lives and spend most of their income on gadgets/fashion/consumable goods/trivial stuff. I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, it just is my very own subjective observation in my own age “bracket”.

Hope my question doesn’t come across as inappropriate.



Addendum: I know about I have an account there since last year, but 80% of the women there are in the US or Canada, and most of the women in general are over 30-35 and well… have no interest in dating a 26 year old like me :upside_down_face:

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Go to the Polish countryside. They are frugal not by choice but because they have to.


Hiking sites/groups.

As a disclaimer: I am not good at this dating thing people seem to be so thrilled about.
As an idea: focus on an activity you like that doesn’t require big expenses to practice and meet other people practicing that. One of them might be the one.


He is already in this forum, so… any single girls around here?

I was going to say exactly what Wolverine said.