Free web hosting provider

Hi guys !
I found this webpage that allow to get a free web hosting space without ad.

Very interesting if you want to build a small website for free, for example with wordpress.

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For static websites (e.g. simple blog), GitHub Pages is a very nice option as well.

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In case someone was wondering (I was), they are headquartered in Mauritius.

For static sites you could also use Github or something like AWS S3 and auto-generate a nice site with Hugo or Jekyll. GCP also lets you run a very small VM for free permanently if you want Wordpress or something similar. It will probably be a bit slow but you could add Cloudflare in front of it and tweak the caching settings a bit to cache pages longer, it will significantly speed up the site.

Or, If you don’t mind paying a little, I’m happy with my hetzner cloud server

~4€ p.M. for one vCPU, 2GB Ram, 20 GB SSD and 20TB traffic (running in GER or FIN). All my needed services are running off-site in a few containers…

Great hoster :slight_smile:

For VM, a nice address is

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