Free Shareholder Swag in CH

Feedback from Swatch Group:

“Es ist korrekt, dass die The Swatch Group AG ihren Aktionären jeweils ein Aktionärsgeschenk in Form einer Uhr abgegeben hat. Im letzten Jahr wurde das Geschenk per Post an eine Adresse in der Schweiz zugestellt, wenn die Stimmen nachweislich ins Abstimmergebnis der Generalversammlung einflossen. Ich gehe davon aus, dass der Modus auch in diesem Jahr beibehalten wird. Dabei ist es unerheblich, wie viele Aktien/Stimmen gehalten werden.

Wenn Sie sich dafür interessieren, empfehlen wir Ihnen Namenaktien (ISIN CH12255144) der The Swatch Group AG zu kaufen und diese im Aktienregister eintragen zu lassen, so dass wir Ihnen die Einladung zur Generalversammlung vom 14.05.2020 direkt zustellen können.”


Does it also work with UHR ? I hold them at CornerTrader so I can’t register them at the moment anyway…

I don’t get why it should matter with which broker they are held.
Does only SwissQuote provide this certain form? Perhaps there are other ways to get signed into the shareholders’ registry?

Yes, because your bank does know that you are holding them - and they know your name and address. So usually you will get the related corporate action information. Can’t say how this might work with a non classic bank e.g. Broker.

Novartis gives you a nice calendar.

Anyone knows how much chocolate Lindt & Sprüngli hand out? One share is around 90kCHF, for that I want a truckload of chocolate! :grinning:




It’s an extra hassle for the broker to deal with certificates, one that most clients and jurisdictions don’t need anyway

You won’t get this service from IBKR, but then again, you’re not paying 1%+ to trade the stock with IBKR either.

If you’re ready to pay extra, I’m sure you’ll find banks who will provide the service you require. Like swissquote, I suppose this is their form mentioned earlier for CH companies.

For US companies, there’s DRS system - inquire investor relations what’s their preferred DRS agent and you can transfer your stock to them to have it directly registered with the company. But again be ready to pay much higher transaction fees than with IBKR for this kind of service.

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Those of you who are interested in buying Swatch or Lindt should read this article:

Der jährlich an der Generalversammlung verteilte Schokoladenkoffer für die Besitzer von Namenaktien hat aber bloss einen Wert von 200 Franken

On the topic:
Naturaldividenden: Wie Aktionäre von ihren Firmen verwöhnt werden
Naturaldividenden: Aktionäre werden mit Geschenken und feinem Essen verwöhnt

That’s 0.2% dividend in natural form!

“Unser Bier” brewery in Basel.
Owning at least 1 share (Fr 325) gets u a simple meal & all-you-can-drink beer once a year at the GV.
For steadfast drinkers that may just be their favourite way to get a 15% p.a. return or so.


If you crunch some numbers, with one Calida pajamas at 80chf and the shares at around 35chf, that’s actually quite a good rate of return. Not sure what the cash dividend actually is that you get on top.

A lifelong pajamas flatrate for you and your family.

Calida payed in the past years CHF 0.80 per share - current price around CHF 35.-.

The summary for all of this is that you have to:

  • Buy Calida, Swatch, Lindt stocks
  • Pay yearly 60chf to Swissquote
  • Pay Trading costs to Swissquote

It might be a nice/fun investing idea especially if you already have a Swissquote account for diversification reasons.
Is it only Calida , Swatch and Lindt?

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There are actually a few others, a very good summary is here:

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How does the government tax these dividends?

I don’t think Lindt is a reasonable choice given the 90k price :wink:


Could you link where you found this infos on the websites of Calida and Swatch? I looked around the Calida Group website and didn’t find anything…

Btw, are we actually talking about one free PJ per year? That’s crazy…

I sent an e-mail to Calida investor relations and they said this (quote):

Die Bedingungen für den Erhalt des Geschenks sind wie folgt definiert:

  • Halten von mindestens 20 Aktien der CALIDA Holding AG zum Zeitpunkt des Buchschlusses (30 Tage vor der Generalversammlung)
  • Der Aktionär muss im Aktienregister der Gesellschaft eingetragen sein
  • Ein persönliches Erscheinen an der GV ist für den Erhalt des Geschenks nicht notwendig

I think the issue with these things is the entry into the company’s shareholder register. SwissQuote apparently will take care of this… but how does one do it with a foreign broker (IB, Degiro, etc.)?

Lindt also has another class of shares LISP, but it is still CHF 8’245/unit… I’m gonna need a bigger suitcase of chocolate than the one pictured above before I consider this :laughing:

Swissquote does it for free and it is just a (well hidden) click. I can tell you where if you’re interested.

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