Franklin FTSE Switzerland ETF


does anyone has ever considered investing in swiss stocks via the Franklin FTSE Switzerland ETF?
I encountered it in Tyler’s amazing site as a possible investment for large cap blend Swiss stocks:

The evident advantage is the super low TER (0.09% vs the competing ETFs 0.25%), disadvantages: it’s US domiciliated. Since for me the swiss US investments taxation is still too messy to calculate, I can not evaluate if the -0.16% in TER compensate eventual loss due to US domicile. Can any of you do it?

CHSPI is 0.1% TER. Non-swiss domiciled funds pay non-refundable 35% withholding tax on dividends paid by swiss securities. And those are over 2% I think.

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Or you can buy SMI or SLI futures and make your own synthetic fund with TER of -0.75%.

And the last general point: your pension Fund is investing in Swiss stocks for you.

As to @Dr.PI suggestion; go for CHSPI. Next to TER, AUM of CHSPI is a lot better ( 2.2B vs 54M USD)

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