FR to CH - What to do with my old financial products (assurance vie,

For foreigner who moved to Switzerland, especially French in my case, but I am sure it applies to others.

What did you do with your previous financial products?

I still have an “assurance vie” (life insurance) that I opened a few years ago, invested on stock market.
And an “epargne salariale” from my previous company. Also a PEL ( PLan epargne logement)

Do you keep those in your country of origin, or “regroup” them back in Switzerland.

If possible I would like to keep those in France, but maybe regroup them all into a service such as SELMA in CH…

Thanks all for your clues!

Since they don’t provide any tax benefits in CH, IMO it really depends how long you’re planning on staying in Switzerland.

(Though maybe check what the tax treatment for the life insurance is, it could still be ok if it ends up being tax free growth, assuming you have one of those with low admin fees like some French banks have)

Edit: also make sure you update your residency status with your bank, and if they do their job properly you should not be paying social contributions.

Hi , thanks for this input. I am in the process of changing my residency adress yes.
I will also check to see if relevant to keep all those products open or maybe close 1 or 2.
Planning to stay long here for sure. But I think it is good to keep a few in the original countries.