Foxstone as an investment vehicle

By chance, I have cancelled before signing / paying anything !

ah, sorry, misunderstood your previous post.

with CrowdHouse it’s like this:

  • you signal your interest in a project
  • they send you all the paperwork and info stuff
  • you do your duties (sign papers, go to the notary, etc) and send back everything via post.
  • once all of these packages are back, they initiate the purchase and notify everyone. Those that are late are out of the game. (so I guess they overbook the project and send a package to about 10-20% more people than what money they need)

So if I understand you correctly, you stayed put at step 3 and haven’t progressed. Why would that be foxstone’s issue?

You are right, I stopped at step 3 in your message.

Hereafter you can read the detailed events:

  • 30 Nov. 2021 : last message from Foxstone as they have all the documents signed from me + notary ; they wrote “we will give you the bank account to send the money very soon”
  • 8 Déc. 2021 : I sent an email to know where we are, no answer.
  • 9 Déc. 2021 : phone call, the guy is not here, the secretary said “he will call you back in 5 minutes” (I still wait). No callback, no answer.
  • 16 Déc. 2021 : same. No callback, no answer.
  • 17 Déc. 2021 : same. No callback, no answer.
  • 11 Jan. 2022 : I received an email with some informations that it will take more time than usual as the proprietary is an “institutional actor in real estate” ; signature is planned in few weeks.
  • 11 Jan. 2022 : my reply is to cancel my file
  • 12 Jan. 2022 : callback from Foxstone (they still alive) to try to understand ; I explain that they have lost my confidence ; the guy answer about the fees for the notary ; I argue that it’s not fare and he tells me that he will ‘see’ what to do for me as he understand my concerns.
    1. Jan. 2022 : he call me back to announce me that there will be no fee.

Last development, which shows the $!%*!§§ inside Foxstone !

  • Today, 7 Feb. 2022 : i have received an email that I can proceed to the payment !

I can understand that the read estate procedure takes time but not the non professional management, particularly when you invest some ‘quite big amount of’ money.

Hope it’s more clear.


Good evening, this is really strange as I had asked them many questions by Email, phone, etc…and I always had responses in a timely manner.

If I were in your position and no response I would be stressed out as well.


“stressed”… as my money was by my side, it was fine :sweat_smile:

Before processing with the notary, the exchanges were easy, as you mentioned.
I consider “prohibitive” the lack of communication after the :tropical_fish: is :fishing_pole_and_fish:.
I can not imagine to not have answer from Fx if I decide one day to sell my share at their second market which seems a little bit obscur.

OK that’s just clearly unprofessional from them. :’(