Founding your company in Switzerland

Im about to kick off my first company together with three friends and I would love to hear your feedback regarding BVG and company earnings.

What would you recommend regarding the BVG: Does it make sense (for the owners only) to cash in maximum amount possible (in split 70-30% company-employee) in order to top up our second pillar?

Is it better that the company pays out higher salaries (hence more money to second pillar put by the company) or more profit to the owners in the end of the year? Dont we have to pay a lot in taxes with the profit? Im a bit lost here.

Appreciate your help

Is it already predetermined, that you will be making profits right after you start out? If not, I wouldn’t bother myself with these questions in the beginning, as you will be working quite a bit of time without any salary in the hopes that your idea works out. At least in my experience.

I’d really advise you to consult with a Treuhaender.