Founding an gmbh with and how to choose notary

I am now using easygov.swss to try to create a gmbh. In the end of the process I need to choose a notary and there are so many choices. I got lost.

Some seem to be individuals and some seem to be companies. What metrics should I use for choosing the right one for me? Price? Integration with ? Is fully electronic possible? Is fully automatic possible, for example with digital signature from swissid?

You can’t really go wrong I’d say, all of them will be able to finalize your documents.

And yes, it is possible to do everything fully digital, but this is still not widespread. Even those who offer a fully digital notary often exclude certain high risk or very important contracts, especially if they need to make sure you understand the content of the contract, in order to get your personal declaration of intent. I would be surprised if you find anyone willing to offer a fully digital process for the foundation of a company.

And, probably not in that list because not actively marketing, but typically the cheapest option by far, is the state notary, the municipal clerk each (most?) commune has employed (with usually quite restricted opening hours and on request only).

thanks for the answer. So I guess fully automatic is not possible then? I thought it’s like obtaining a digital signature with swissid, but apparently it is more than that?

Also I see there is a concept of original public notary in electronic form vesus original public notray in paper form and then electronic copy of the original paper. Is that the right understanding? And if I understand correctly from you, kantonal notary, like this Das Notariat als Ihr Dienstleistungsbetrieb des Kantons Zürich - Ihre Notariate im Kanton Zürich, only offers origina in paper?