Forecast CHF/USD

Hi there!

We are buying a house and we have sold all our investments in IB, they were in USD. Now we are waiting a bit to exchange them to CHF.

Do you know some good website to check the forecast for the following weeks? After this good trend, I’m not sure whether to wait a couple more days

It is not possible to predict short term FX changes.


Come on, USDCHF just got 2.2% from a minimum last week and approaching beginning of July maximum! Consider yourself lucky and exchange now.


I would exchange now, long term prospect for USD seems rather gloomy IMO

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You should have converted them at the same time you sold, the fact they’re currently in USD was not a deliberate choice from you and should not matter if you’re being rational.

(if those ETFs had been somehow liquidated into Yen, will you also keep them as in that currency until it’s the “right” time? the situation is equivalent)


May I ask why this was done in the first place? Was a margin/lombard loan not an option? E.g. pledging your stocks against the mortgage

Thank you everyone for your input.

I exchanged it today, as you said guys: I was already really lucky with this drop.

@MrCheese we are already pledging the 3rd pillar and pledging/withdrawing the 2nd. And we need some cash for the downpayment and all the payments we need to do at the beginning.

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