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Shameless plug mostly because the forum owner of this forum is not really very active. I personally dislike communities where the leader/creator doesn’t contribute. So I made my own forum:

Would be cool to see some familiar faces there :slight_smile:

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  • I like a disengaged owner, otherwise he/she would probably constantly push/advertise what they are working on
  • You literally just copied the forum. What do you add? There is no sense in splitting a community needlessly
  • Indeed quite shameless to plug it here :laughing:

Don’t get me wrong, I like people like you (judging by your previous contributions here and this bold move), but I hope this fails :innocent:

Edit: why not becoming an additional moderator here instead? You‘d have my support, and could take on a more active/steering role…


I remove the fragmentation of information by only supporting english language.
I’ll add/change some categories down the line, listening to community feedback.

Nobody ever offered such a thing… Also it wouldn’t ever feel as something that I built myself.

What’s wrong with this forum here?

If people spread across several different forums, each forum becomes less active and as such less useful for the community.


Nothing at all, I just dislike bringing content to a person that appears to have no interest in the community. With the links to MPs Blog and Resources it’s likely that with every post and topic here we make MP earn some money with content we’ve created…

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do you want your piece of the cake then? If you run your blog without generating money then it maybe ok, but you‘ll still split the community…

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Sorry but that sounds like an excuse. The language-specific categories are barely used, and all of the important information / help is available in English.

Likewise for “the forum owner of this forum is not really very active”. The forum is running great and is well-moderated, so we don’t need anything more from Mr MP.

We have a great community here, there’s absolutely no reason to try and create a separate forum on the same topics.


And what exactly are the reasons to stay here and not all move over to another place? Lazyness?

You didnt have a mustachian meetup yesterday, you had a trippy party! Share your dealer I would like some

Nah, the mutiny was planned for a while now, just didn’t got to setting up the forum until today.

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I think the question is what would be the benefit for people to move? I think one of the reasons to stay here would be that there is already a lot of content here and it would take a lot of time to come up with a forum that is on-par regarding content. Also to attract a similar amount of active members will probably take quite some time, so for a long time, the new forum would probably be less active and with less content. And if there is a need to move, there may be at least a handful of people who also want to run and rule over their own forums. I think the most important thing is that there is a Swiss Personal Finance Forum and I personally don’t really care who runs it. This forum is well-moderated and nobody knows how it would be on other forums (e.g. maintenance in general, plurality of opinions, free speech, open-mindedness, no cancel culture, etc)

You said you don’t like that the owner earns money with the forum without own contributions. I understand your argument on one side. But actually he is providing this forum for the community and bears the costs of running it and we don’t see ads here (would really hate that), so I don’t really see a problem when he gets compensated for that.


Pretty much, the gains from moving would have to outweight the hassle of doing so and the additional risks of leaving a place we like to frequent for a place we don’t yet know whether we’ll enjoy just as well or not, plus spreading yet one more login+password combination somewhere on the internet.

From our point of view, we’d be dropping contributing a bit to Mr. MP’s income stream to contribute to yours. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care*. I like the place and the community. If Mr. MP gets something out of it, great for him, it doesn’t cost me a thing.

*It’s like paying for my landlord’s mortgage by being a renter: the whole picture is bigger than just who’s getting money from my contribution and involves the opportunity cost of spending time shopping around, participating to more than one board at first, a split community and all that.


Look, it’s only fair that you want to start your own forum, especially if you’re not satisfied with the current offer. But that’s not the way to do it.

Coming to someone else’s garden party to announce your own is one thing. But to declare that the handling of guests is horrible and that you provide better food in the hope that they will follow you is another.

The argument “MP makes money from our content and it’s unfair” depresses me. Who enjoyed free financial content and a free platform for free advices for the last 7 years? It’s you. And me. And everyone else here. And who bared the cost of that? Who paid for server time? Who wrote 22 pages of articles in their free time, not getting a dime of YEARS. Not you and not me. It’s only fair that MP earns money. He has EARNED that money and he has a lot of catch-up to do since he worked essentially for free in the first few years. Those who take risks and work hard are rewarded. How about a little gratitude for what MP has created?

Honestly, go make your own forum. Walk the walk, do the work. But don’t spit your jealousy and your resentment on all of us. If you had announced it in an appropriate manner, I would have probably joined. But not a chance now…


It’s a literal copy of the MP’s forum. A clone of discourse with almost the same categories. Kudos

I’ve never said the structure of this forum is bad.

I’m not claiming the handling is bad or that I provide better food. All I can offer is that the host of the party is present and active.

i tried to address that by supporting the most common OAuth providers like Google, Twitter, Facebook, so no new passwords needed and none stored.

There is a free-market for opinions, you know?

If you want a far-away MP; that never shows up at a single meetup and sells free-of-value books to the normies - FINE
(he is probably too busy copy-pasting guest posts and counting his stacks from the book sale - also FINE)

I for one prefer a tribe system. Instead of giving generic advice about houses, i would hugely prefer a local group-of-friends thing. We would take a car and actually look at this house together before someone of the group buys it. And afterwards we could get together to renovate it.
Mutual Assistance Group it is called for all you libertarians out there :smiley:

As the forum is now very new, you can shape it way better than something that already exists. For example I strongly disagree with Mr. Cheese about the name “ forum”, so I will try to influence him in this regard. You can influence the forum in your way of thinking.

25 motivated men in a new forum is worth more than an army of guest readers.

That’s a very good recommendation indeed. :slight_smile: When I read fondue blog I would expect a blog of someone who tries different kinds of fondues / cheese types, fondue recipes, etc. so it would take a hell lot of marketing activity until the term makes people associate fondue with finance stuff :wink:

This Swiss fire scene is quite small - so not sure if it is super smart to open tons of other forums.

That being said, let a thousand flowers bloom…


I agree with you. Not a good idea to split the swiss FIRE community.

Further, every one of us forum users is here thanks to @_MP . So why not use his forum. It works great.


I signed up and support your idea that the owner of the blog should tell us he is alive from time to time.

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