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probably this discussion will be a bit polarizing at first, but hopefully it will also go for the content. I do follow Florian Homm since a few months. He is a bit crazy figure in the financial world, once was a billionaire and broke after that. Still I do appreciate what he is saying to have a more 360 view on things.

Also he provides a so called “Börsenbrief” - guess we all have to make some money somehow. Anybody has experience this one, or even has a subscription to this. I really thinking about to get one. Anybody who might have interest there, please PM me.

Yes, this goes more into stock picking vs ETF, but insights about markets and mega-trends are really useful. At the end each and everyone is responsible for his own action and path.

Unfortunatelly this content is only available in German.

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That’s a guy who believes vaccines are causing autism.

Don’t know if I want to watch this.


And I am happy that he is not my doctor in this case. But this is a financial forum “how to get rich” and be financially independend. Florian Homm for sure reached the FI part before most of us here… before he lost his money. So yes, I do listen (like I listen to you and other in this forum) and try to understand and learn to make good financial decisions based on this.

Really captivating. So much, that I’ve missed the point where he would have answered the question in title (“recovery or super-crash ?”).

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I disqualify from judging as I watched less than 2 minutes of his show before being turned off.


Anybody interested about this “Bôrsenbrief” > PM me.

hey @OogieBoogie unfortunetly i dont know how to pm someone. If you can pm me, we can start a conversation (english/german)

Florian Homm is now a member, hello – it’s funny you post specific on this thread…

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