[Fixed] Coinbase: User is unable to sell

Hi everyone,

I’m Swiss person I have a Coinbase Account and I have purchased bitons (less than one given the rate).

Now I would like to do a test to retrieve these Bitcoins, in order to transfer them to a credit card or a bank account.

In the sell section, an “error” is displayed “User is unable to sell”.

Have you ever tried to sell? If so, how did you do it?

PS: I have test with N26 Bank, with Deutsch IBAN


I think you mix things up here a bit. If you want to retrieve your “Bitcoins” you are then not able to transfer them to a credit card or bank account. You can only withdrawal them to your wallet (Paper or Hardware) or another exchange.
If you want to sell your “Bitcoins” you should be able to do it into another currency (crypto or fiat). If you sell them for fiat (e.g Euro) you can then withdrawal this currency to your Bank account. The message you are describing might has something to do with your verification status. Have you tried to contact the Coinbase support?

From my coinbase account, which I have since 2017, I transfered 90% of BTC, ETH and XLM to other wallets (Kraken and cold wallets). This happened 3 weeks ago. Now I’m under review… the third week. It didn’t take few days. And I wrote several times to the support. Nada. They just ignore me. Now I cannot basically do anything…

Hi & thanks for you answer.

Yes, I meant to sell my Bitcoins in Euros and transfer my Euros to a bank account.

Indeed, the bank account has not been validated yet, now it’s ok


Hallo SoCh

Weisst du was genau das Problem ist, bei mir kommt die gleiche Meldung mit user is unable to sell.
Was kann ich da machen, damit ich meine Kryptos wie z.B Bitcoins in Euro umwandle bzw ¨verkaufe.


Sali zusammen.

Ich habe das gleiche Problem. Mein Meinung, dass genau Konto muss vierifiziert werden, falls haben Sie Problem gelost, schreiben Sie mir bitte Mail lukasszorad at gmail com

Vieleicht ist das ganz einfach zum losen, aber bin ich auch am bischen nervous :frowning:

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