Fitted wardrobes

Anyone knows in Zürich area a good company / specialist that can do fitted wardrobes at semi-mustachian prices? :slight_smile:


Are we talking about suits?

my (very personal) experiences for business suits is that most vendors are in a very similar price range. With the absolute price for standard tailored suits somewhere at 800- 1’200 CHF. Of course there is an open end for more exquisite versions.

I am not aware of places where you can get it cheaper within zurich.

One alternative is to buy a stock-suit from C&A and have them refit it. This might get you a Suit below CHF 300. However in my experience this just dosn’t look like a proper tailored suit :sunglasses:

When reading the initial post, I understand it at building the furniture to store the suits. Is ikea furniture not customisable enough or are you looking at more premium sur measure wardrobe ?
A friend in Geneva, bought the tools and the wood to build is own.


I can highly recommend Sunita Suits. She’s fast and makes a good job. There are often some special deals to get a second pair of trousers for free, or 5 shirts for 300 bucks.

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If we’re taking about suits: Suitsupply Online Store | Made in a way we're proud of

Hi everyone.

I meant furniture. Fitted wardrobe for any clothes.

I have a couple of dead corners that I wanted to optimize with potential triangle solution that it’s not possible to get at IKEA.



Best misunderstanding in this forum so far


Maybe just try a joiner in the area? But I think not possible to make it cheap.

Do you see any possibilities to do some work on your own?

Thank you All.
We checked few quotes but it’s expensive and also take a long time due to supply chain. How crazy waiting period. Unrelated to fitted wardrobe but show the example of supply chain delay, in some shop they gave availability for 2023 for certain chairs!!

We are now opting for normal wardrobe.

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Good misunderstanding indeed : ) What’s your region?

EDIT: Ah, I just saw it. Zurich. If it was in Vaud, I know some good joiners that do that type of work and I could try to bulk it with another order.

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Better yet: get measured and pay elsewhere, take delivery in Zurich.

Berlin → Zurich worked for me, no hassle at all.

I don’t remember the exact numbers but as an example their Lazio suit is EUR 329 in Germany vs. CHF 429 in Switzerland.

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