First private investment mgt. & execution after pillar 3a

Hi All,

I have started almost 2 years ago with my 3a pillar at Finpension where I max every year on

  • Swisscanto (CH) IPF I Index Equity Fund World ex CH NT CHF (99%)
  • Cash (1%)
  • deposit every 3 months

I am 30yo and still taxed at source, but should get the C permit before year end.
I suppose I will keep the 3a set-up as it is until 35yo, than get less and less risky as I get older and older (maybe every 5 year or so).

I have a personal bank account at a balance where I don’t want to keep growing my saving account and I want to start another investing.

My idea is:

  • 50% all world etf (DCA)
  • X% growth etf based on macroeconomics (tbc)
  • X% specific sector based on macroeconomics (tbc)
  • 10% on individual stocks (value investing)

I know it’s rough draft, but it’s to start somewhere, and it is a draft.

I am totally ignorant on

  • will IB be the right choice? (I already guess so)
  • which account type to open?
  • tips & tricks to operationally manage DCA in IB?
  • tips & tricks to begin the private investing with the rigth foot

Probably I forgot valuable info you need to provide your best advices. I encourage your questions than and really thank you for the support to the unpractised ones like me.

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my 2c:

a) ibkr is a fine choice. can’t help much with dca tips.

b) 35 would be quite young to reduce equities, imo. even if official retirement age for your gen will be 65 (which i’d doubt).

c) 50% ‘active’ is quite ambitious. as long as you’re still learning and not very confident to outperform, i’d probably start with a lower allocation and re-evaluate after every 5 years or so.


… unless you sacrifice your investment returns to do another live experiment comparing active and passive investment styles. From what I understand, so far noone in this forum took a challenge, despite claiming that their investment strategy is superior to the passive investment in the global market.

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Thank you both oslasho adn Dr.PI for your feedback.

Generally speaking I don’t want to fully active investing or fully passive investing.
Considering the Pillar 3a currently is bechmarking MSCI World ex Switzerland Index and I intend to continue that for years (might extend the 35yo to e.g., 40yo) + a 50% or more I would keep as passive dca on VT.

With my budget for investments, the residual e.g., 50% I would manage actively as a mid-term/long-term trader.

My question how to best enable this set-up. IKBR? … I think yes. Unless any major assets needed are not available there (I will stick to ETFs, stocks, metals, index funds, mutual funds mostly or only).

Other than that, I am completely new to IBKR. How do you suggest to learn the platform efficiently and effectively? (I have already a fulltime job…)

thank you!


You have lots of content on IB on this forum available with search function.

You should read this one

Our host wrote also a guide on how to buy an etf :


thank you so much for posting!