First introduction


I have been reading for over a year here but I feel its time to introduce myself want to become a bit more active.

I am in my mid thirties, married with 2 kids. Working in the medical industry. Before my marriage and during residency I was obsessed with FIRE. After having kids and settling down I try to live frugally and save/invest in a consistent matter. Hopefully I can retire in my mid 50ies but will have lived an full life untill then (full life or expensive life depending on personal interpretation)

Savings rate is far below 50 percent. (before marriage and kids it was above 80 percent).
Family income is quite high so if I look ad the absolute numbers of savings each month I am still quite statisfied.

Well I hope to be an active part of the community and if you have any further questions, please shoot.


If I may ask, what does your spending look like for the whole family?

We use the goodbudget app to measure spending with an eveloppe system and we spend 14500 a month. Mainly on rent 5800 chf and childcare 4000chf.

Somehow this doesn’t add up for me, 5’800 for rent is brutal, do you live in a palace? XD