First crypto fund in Switzerland

Hi guys!

I have just heard that FINMA has approved the first fund with cryptocurrencies.

What do you think?

Questions which come to mind after reading their press release:

  • Will the fund be offered as an ETF?
  • Will it be available to private investors?
  • What is the anticipated TER?
  • What real added value does the fund offer over self-custody? If the fund employs forward-thinking blockchain and tech experts with a good understanding of the real use cases and growth potential, that would be a big advantage over having to do the research myself. From what they say in the press release though, the main value they hope to offer is the creation of benchmarks. That alone wouldn’t sell me on using a fund over self-custody, but it could be beneficial for Swiss institutional investors for which a FINMA-approved benchmark could be significant.

From the press release it sounds that it targets indtitutional and professional investors, I’d guess it will only be available for qualified investors then.

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