First big transfert to Ib


Yesterday i send 20k to ib. I wanted to buy VT, do you have any recommandation ? I am a little bit anxious because of the amount.

I juste convert chf to usd ? All the amount? And then i put my 20k as a lump sum or better to dca?

I saw that vt is pretty high in price 92.- and his all time best price was around 105.

I would appreciate any advice

Kind regards

Depends on your future income and savings.
One way to think about it -
If that’s what you would save over the next 6-12 months, and you intend to continue investing those savings, I’d consider it a “lump sum” candidate (because that 1-time inflow of 20k could essentially be seen as DCA-ing anyway in the grand scheme of things).

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For the future i will dca each month 2k

All time high was around 109, so a 20% discount. The all time high before corona 3 years ago in February 2020 was approximately $82, so approx. only 15% plus in 3 years! I don‘t think its high at all and I‘m investing very agressively.

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You could also invest 10k right away and set some limit buy orders at lower rates. If prices go down, you’ll get more shares for your buck. If they go up, you’ll regret not having put everything at once.

It’s always the same dilemma :slight_smile:


There is no possibility to say whether $92 is high.
You will know in 5 years. :wink:

When in doubt, put 10k in right now and then 3k instead of 2k over the next 10 months. :slight_smile:

Oh and when you convert to USD, you have to put the amount minus 2, to cover the conversion fee of $2.

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Thanks everyone for your input

In this particular moment if you are not sure about the buy and you are not ready to see -10% in few weeks , split your buy in 3/4 times during the year .

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