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Not yet another finance blog - those might be the first thoughts which came to your mind while reading the subject, and I can feel you on this one! I wanted to start a blog for a long time already, but never did due to my perfectionism while also thinking “does the world really need the umpteenth blog for finances?”. But anyway, here we are.

It’s not perfect (even though I already spend a good amount of time to create it), but that’s ok. You have to start somewhere. I’ll definitely not only focus on finance topics going forward.

You can find the blog here:

Any feedback is welcomed. Happy reading!


Congrats, looking forward to it!

What I feel is sometimes a little neglected in the FIRE debate: Income is more important than investing and saving. You can save some bucks by not buying that coffee-to-go every day, but you could afford 10 coffees a day if you just started looking for higher income.

Look at all the financial bloggers: They didn’t become rich by investing in VT and thinking of optimizing 0.001% of costs, but by monetizing their internet content, books etc. In that sense, you’re definitely on the right path (no offense, btw, I think internet content is definitely deserved to be paid for) :smile:


Thank you for the encouraging words!

Yes, I feel exactly the same way. Of course it’s important to have an overview about your expenses, and one coffee-to-go per day adds up to a good chunk of money over longer periods of time (10+ years), but that’s mainly because of the power of compound interest. Someone recently shared an article about how you are better off when you save immediately for 10 years and then stop saving, compared to someone who only starts after 10 years and then continues for 20+ years. So yes, I get that, but still people often forget to also look at the income side itself.

I think if people would be as creative about how to creat possibilities for a higher income compared to saving on TERs, we would have an amazing economy. I know from myself that it can be really hard to come up with ideas, but you should still try. To speak from my own experience: if you had told me 5 or 10 years ago how much I am earning now, I would have looked at you like you’re from outer space.

Ideas for those topics are already in my brainstorming bucket. I “just” need to find the right words to put on paper. Btw: a blog is a great opportunity to think deeper about a topic and also to explain your own thoughts to someone else. It’s a process, which is not straightforward, but it definitely helps to look at your own biases.

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Growing income is nice, but a key point is that if you have a sustainable lifestyle with a high saving rate, you’re kinda guaranteed to hit FIRE reliably (regardless of income).

And that’s not obvious to everyone (growing income, or making risky bets to try to compound faster could have a lot more uncertain outcomes).


I love this statement, SO true, please include in your blog :clap:

Especially true for Switzerland where I think entrepreneurship isn’t too present…

I agree, and having lower income, but more a more fulfilling job, is definitely worth it.


Good luck with your new blog! So far I like that there are no ads and no listings like: Here is my Neon code, here is my Zak code, here is my SQ code, here is my App XY code, and the corresponding articles to promote those codes etc. that’s boring IMO. Quality content that is well researched is key. It’s more effort but likely attracts more people in the long run.

Already an idea of what other topics you want to cover?

I think most bloggers don’t want to disclose their identity for various reasons (employers, relatives, etc.) and unfortunately it is not possible in Switzerland to monetise a blog in this case, because the law requires you to disclose your full identity and contact information on the blog if you monetise it. Otherwise I would have a blog too or even several blogs :slight_smile:

Looking forward for tips on that. It’s exactly where I’m stuck, at least as an employee. Of course, as an entrepreneur there would be options. Didn’t have the right idea so far.

I tried that. Regretted it after a few months because the supposedly more fulfilling job wasn’t actually so much more fulfilling in the end, switched to a more paying job again.

3 Likes is heavily monetised - and I‘m not aware of the author disclosing his identity or contact details anywhere (quite the contrary, he‘s gone to great lengths to hide it).


His name is in the title of the webpage and on the cover of his book, unless that’s an alias. There is also an ‘About the author’ section on Free by 40 in Switzerland - The book - Mustachian Post (aka Marc Pittet) #FIRE #frugalism


Oh really? It is quite an open secret if one can call it a secret at all.

Absolutely, and he’s making massive profits off it. Same goes for “Sparkojote”. I’m happy for them, but it’s really not the “sparen” or saving which brought them FIRE :joy:

To be fair, both seem to be quite transparent about disclosing their venture’s profits.

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Yes, also not everyone drives 120 km/h on the motorway but that doesn’t have an impact on what is required by the law :slight_smile:

Yes, but in theory it needs to be on the website clearly visible and also include postal address (P.O. Box is not permitted), and contact information (phone / email).

But in the end, I don’t think anyone is going to look on websites and check whether the site complies with legal stuff or not. I guess most people don’t care. But since the max. penalty for violations can be fines up to 360 daily rates or 3 years of imprisonment, I personally would not risk it.

Sparkojote has a full imprint on his site, including full name, company name, company registration number, address and contact information. Sparkojote's Impressum | Sparkojote

For him it’s a good workaround because I guess he uses the company also for other business related activity.

If I just wanted a blog it would be a bit overkill for me to create an LLC for just the blog. Anyway, in that case your real name would be listed as company director, but at least you don’t have to disclose your private address but only your companies address :slight_smile:

I just feel that FIRE bloggers should be more vocal about the fact that they are actually achieving FIRE not by saving their asses off or by buying fairly ordinary ETFs, but by being entrepreneurs.


I think that’s true for the big bloggers out there but then they also do this more or less full time like Sparkojote and not just as a hobby or side project. I’m not sure how much you can really earn if you just run a blog as a small side project and a bit of advertising etc.

I would say only a very small amount of bloggers actually make profits out of their blogs and the majority does it just because they like to write, because they like to share their experiences, because they have a passion for the topics they write about, or you can learn a lot about a topic if you write about it and do a lot of research around it.

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I feel you! I created a website 3 weeks ago and since then I’m working on the first, “perfect” post to get it going…
As Voltaire said:

Perfect is the enemy of good

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It‘s been often mentioned in his press interviews that it is indeed an alias.


Marc Pittet is just a pseudonym.

Do you know something the rest of us doesn’t?

Yes, roughly. Even though most of those are still only ideas at the moment. One big area will be about business (starting your own business, taxes, administrative stuff etc.) Another area will be business ideas (e.g. the boring business idea which came up earlier in this forum, how to find the right ideas). Funnily enough people in this thread also mentioned one topic: about how FIRE bloggers are monetizing their blog. I mean how they are making money, like the things you already mentioned about “click Zak here”, “Swissquote there”, plus other ways.

That’s one of the reasons which held me back for a really long time. I mean the full disclosure and the potential fines. I researched this topic a little bit (or a little more already), and there are options to avoid it. Still, you might have to set up an entity in a different country. But that’s also just another idea of mine.

Most probably not so much. I guess setting up the blog is also a guinea pig situation for me, to see what you need to do / how much time to invest etc. I think if you provide unique content, not just repeat the same “how to save 0.01 with your TER”, you’ll attract people. But of course: it’s not just about the content itself (if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around…), but also a bit about marketing and networking.

But anyway, I’m already going too far here.

There’s an interesting concept I heard about a while ago: the FSD (first shitty draft). I also tried to make the first two posts perfect: thinking about every word, readjusting, deleting etc. And you know what: they are not perfect, but it’s OK. You got this :slightly_smiling_face:


No. Just didn’t think it could be a case.

No direct feedback, but site/posts have nice vibe, looking fwd to some inspirational posts. :blush: :vulcan_salute:
dif-tor heh smusma” - Vulcan blessing

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You should be able to comment, if you want. Unless I need to change some settings (worked when I tried from my laptop in incognito mode, but didn’t check from a different laptop yet)

Get in touch with Sparkojote, I’m pretty sure this guy even knows how to monetize his farts :joy:

Just beware, there are already too many product placement, “click this, click that” blogs around. It’s nothing but tiring. Also, you risk becoming a hypocrite by e.g. advertising Swissquote instead of IB, like so called Sparkojote does. I’m sure you’re saving a lot more with IB, so not that much “Spar” there.