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I have created a Finpension account and searched the forums for World Index Portfolios. What a flood of information. I’m sure this question has already been answered somewhere. as I read, I keep realizing that I don’t know anything. Actually, I just want to get started, but I also want to do it right. Now I’m reading about looking at 3a and free assets in the overall portfolio. Or to take the USA portion out of the 3a.

I came across various approaches.

  1. CSIF (CH) 3 III Equity World ex CH Quality - Pension Fund DB 99%

  2. VT replica :woman_farmer:
    CSIF (CH) III Equity World ex CH Blue - Pension Fund Plus ZB 84%
    CSIF (CH) Equity Emerging Markets Blue DB 12%
    CSIF (CH) Equity Switzerland Large Cap Blue ZB 2%
    CSIF (CH) Equity Switzerland Small & Mid Cap ZB 1%

  3. and others ^^

But now finpension also offers UBS and Swisscanto funds. Perhaps I have overlooked the discussion on this. Is the 2nd approach still recommendable? Or would you replace the funds with UBS or Swisscanto? Or is there another better combination?

Merci and Gruess

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