Finding a small house in Kanton Zug?

Hi fellow mustachians,

If I understand correctly a few of you here live in kanton Zug? Having seen the tax rates compared to kanton Bern I’m wondering if it would be possible to find a similar living situation in kanton Zug to what we currently have. What would be good rural areas to look for?

We have a small house (classified as a vacation home) from 1967 that is worth around 450K CHF on the country side (village of about 200 people). We have two apartments, one of approx 55m2 where we live and one with 25m2 that we rent out and use for family and friends.

The setup and age of the home etc. is perfect for us. Any chance to find something similar in the more remote areas of kanton Zug? I checked quickly on homegate but couldn’t find anything. Any ideas are very welcome, thanks! Are there any hidden costs in Zug that makes it more expensive than other kantons?

Ps. I think I would really appreciate the international vibe and we also have several friends living there.

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I’d suggest you to use this:

instead of homegate.

Is the classification of the house important?


Hi @mrs_oberland,

Beware, canton Zug is a very small canton, in space and number of inhabitants. Expat turnover is very high, so that tends to push rents and apartment/house prices up. If you calculate, overall you will have very similar expenses to what you have in Bern.
Depending on how rural you want to be, you can look at Neuheim, Menzingen, Alosen. However, you may want to pay attention at the political setup of the gemeinde you want to go to.
If you find nothing interesting, you could also look at neighboring SZ. They also have low taxes.
All the places I mentioned before though are at least 20’ drive from Zug, so if you want to center you life around many expats and dynamic life, you’ll end up racking up those kms.

Funny, last weekend I was on a trip around Oberägeri, Schindellegi, Menzigen, Neuheim. Just checking out how it looks there. You know, drawing theoretical plans for the future :wink: . I have conceded that in Zürich and directly at Zürisee the prices are too high to buy a house, and I also don’t want to pay so much money for a flat and live in a densely populated area. So my second idea was to move a bit further from Zürich, but gain some space, some mountain/lake view, and maybe lower taxes.

What do you mean by this?

This is his source:

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i’d never want to live in a place like Walchwil or Oberägeri… leave it up to you to figure out why

Here is a small house you can bring to canton Zug:

It’s for sale (CHF 150’000.–), link here.

Holy, is that a normal price for a ready-made tiny house?

We can go off-topic as much as we want here, because @mrs_oberland ended up moving abroad :slight_smile:

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150k for a tiny house?
I thought those were in the 20-30k range…

Isn’t it better to get an old big camper van, connect it to water/power and live there?

Just go and say it, why play games? Or is it something you’re ashamed of?

The only reason a camper is better is that you can park it and be done. The minihouse need a terrain and that will cost a lot.

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It’s a Lake Zurich price (even though the Web site says that you need to move the house till October).

Good guess would be that they don’t want to live among rural, SVP-voting folks.

@Bojack What was your impression of those places? :slight_smile:

@Bojack my guess is the same as @trotro 's → small village folk , mostly Catholic … based on my experience with rednecks here they are more or less similar to the ones in Slovakia or Czech rep. but they just have more money. I would say if you can imagine yourself living in the Polish countryside area you would be fine there. Key is to speak German and not to publicly demonstrate non-Swissness :sweat_smile: . The question is if they would sell or event rent you something. (My parents had an issue with buying a house in Glarus, eventually, it worked out). But maybe @lv24 has some insider info and there are some issues with local politicians or whatever…

I had a quite good impression of Oberägeri. The lake is nice, the hill is full of of good looking houses.

While I understand what you mean about “rednecks”, I think maybe cantons with low taxes attract people with high income/wealth, so you wouldn’t have trouble to find people with interesting stories.

Honestly, I would prefer to live among conservative christian people, who were used to not having to lock their door and respect the rules. Right now where I live it’s loud, in the evening some guys are revving their sporty BMWs, teenagers are roaming around in some “gangsta” tracksuits.

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