Financial tools for fire

Is anyone else interested in a thread about creation of tools for fire?

I have plans on creating an overall app for personal finances. But I haven’t gotten that far yet.

So far I’ve created an small calculator app. It calcuates any of the variables of the compound interest equation. In my opinion, the most interesting question it can answer is:
“When will I reach X amount of money?”.

It is available on Google Play and is called Monix:

The calculation also works on loans. Just type in a negative start amount.

Let me know! Anymore developers out there?

I have a suggestion, that is often missing for me in these calculators:

your salary is increasing by time and so are your contributions, yet the calculator always has a fixed contribution amount. You should be able to adjust your monthly rate by x% each year.

Liek this calculator does: Compound Interest Calculator (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual)

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Good idea! I actually thought of that but the math becomes quite complicated. Do you happen to be a math person?:grin:

Also, that calculator does not calculate when you can achieve a goal. That is sort of the main thing about monix i believe