Financial Times and FIRE

Hi there,
I recently obtained an FT subscription through work and the first thing I did was try to see what coverage they have of FIRE. I was very surprised and shocked to find so little, there was only one article that I found that mentioned Mr Money Mustache, and that was it. Is this movement really still so niche, or do you think the media don’t like reporting on it? Or maybe I just used the wrong search terms. What are your thoughts on this?

My opinion - “very niche” (and better that way)


Definitely better that way!

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Aren’t most topics covered by the FT in complete opposition with most FIRE/Boglehead enthousiast approach of investing, i.e. global ETFs? My guess is that the two population do not overlap that much. Most people in the FIRE community wouldn’t care who the new Credit Suisse chairman is for example.

Anyone can do FIRE, but I am not convinced that everyone can do FIRE. So it will remain niche.

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