Financial Planning Advisory Requirements

Hi all,

I want to start a side hustle providing financial planning on my spare time.
I already do this for Friends and Family and my idea is to have an hourly rate that I charge to go over someone’s finances and provide guidance.

I would not recommend any specific investments, just talk over the options that exist and what general allocations should look like.

I am a certified financial analyst in Portugal (registered with the equivalent of the FINMA) but my clients would be portuguese imigrants in Switzerland.

What is the proper way of doing this? Do I need to register with FINMA?

I see a lot of “finfluencers” providing “mentorship” which in my opinion is unregulated financial advice by people which probably don’t have the competence to give it.


Available in German: Jetzt Finanzplaner mit eidg. Fachausweis abschliessen

You earn CICERO points and get your diploma then with some written and oral exams. Maybe your diploma from Portugal is completly equivalent and you can skip the exams, I would get in touch with IAF, for example.

I also thinking about doing the financial advisor IAF or real estate advisor IAF myself.


You could contact also Mr RIP that offer a similar service on his website.

He may target more Italians rather than Portuguese :wink:

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