Financial Investment Education

I’m looking for a foundational course to learn about investing, managing calculators, selecting the right platform for my portfolio and expanding my financial knowledge. Does anyone have recommendations for a practical, step-by-step modularized program with audio-lectured visual curriculum? I’m not sure if it’s crucial for the course to be based in Switzerland since I believe this forum can provide specific insights once I have the basic knowledge. Maybe I am wrong? Appreciate any tips you can share!

I really liked this one: Der Inner Circle - Jahresmitgliedschaft
It basically got me on my track for systematic investing that I have been pursuing for the past four years or so.

At the time (2020) the presenter did each course live in one or two batches per year. Now it’s a recorded video-course, but I believe new people joining get regular opportunities to ask questions about the lessons.
Additionally, the presenter does webinars for weekly live-trades, monthly market roundups where he discusses global markets and goes through a list of stock picks suggested by people who have subscribed and occasional one off presentations for folks who have subscribed.

If you want to get a taste of the presenter’s style, I suggest taking a look at his YouTube channel:

It’s in German only.

thanks so much! Wish my German would be at that level now to follow the course

While you find an official course, I have few recommendations in terms of videos. Try to listen to them as they talk about basics.