Financial Analysis Program - CEFA or similar certificate

Hi everyone,

The company I am working for, has a budget for training and education and I would like to take advantage!

My initial thought was to look for a programme with a similar curriculum + ending with a certificate:

During my search I came across but it seems like their focus is really on the financial markets. Even though I am interested in the markets, I have to be able to make a case for why I want to get the training and since I am on the corporate finance side I can’t really go for most certificates/programs available on

Do you know of any good corporate finance programs in Switzerland or even online degrees that would lead to a CEFA or similar certification?

P.S: I know that CEFA is nothing compared to the CFA and nowhere as respected. However, I am not good at self studying and need to be in a structured program to study and take the exams.

Thank you in advance!

Do you already have an MBA? I would say an MBA in Finance or a CFA, not sure if the others are worth it. Maybe a CIIA is okay as well in Europe but not in demand like a CFA and is not so much related to corp finance. If you don’t like self-study then probably an MBA in Finance (if you don’t already have one) would be better. There you could choose a programme that includes modules that fit your and your employers requirements.

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Hi Patron,

Not yet. I am not sure if I should go for an MBA right now since I would have to do it part time. If I were to do it, I would probably go for the St. Gallen one or the IMD MBA, do you have any feedback on any of these?

Thank you for the feedback. I will have a look on the different programs available in Switzerland!

They are both top tier so I guess you can’t do anything wrong with either of them.

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